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Elite Instructors

Experience matters, and our elite instructor brings an impressive 15 years of expertise in the stylist industry. With a deep understanding of the field and a passion for teaching, our instructor is dedicated to mentoring and guiding aspiring stylists. Stay updated with the latest trends and techniques as you learn from a true industry expert.

Highly Skilled Stylist with 8 years of experience

  • Meticulous Attention to Detail
  • Breath-taking Hair Designs
  • Reflecting Clients’ Styles and Personalities
  • Passionate Educator
  • Patient and Knowledgeable
  • Inspiring the Next Generation

Master Stylist - Kriss

Crafting Beauty with Precision
and Creativity


Master Stylist - Edwin

Crafting Beauty with Precision
and Creativity


Accomplished Director Stylist with over two decades of experience

  • Education and Hairstyling
  • Expert in Product Technology
  • Knowledge of Latest Advancements and Techniques
  • Successful Mentorship of 300++ Students
  • Creative Vision and Styling
  • Client Satisfaction and Relationship Building

The Lash Whisperer - Bao Bao

Professional Lash, Brow, Lips,
and Eyeliner Educator

  • 8 Years of Teaching Experience
  • Government-Accredited Diploma in Eyelash Extension,
    Lash Lift, and Eyebrow Microblading Instruction
  • Impressive Team Leadership with Monthly Earnings Over 10k
  • Comprehensive Training and Knowledge Sharing
  • Passionate and Experienced Mentor
  • Established Reputation in the Eyelash Extension Industry
Bao bao


Ting ting


Brow & Lash Maestro - Ting Ting

Professional Lash, Brow, Lips,
and Eyeliner Educator

  • 10 Years of Teaching Expertise
  • Highly Skilled in Eyelash Extensions
  • Team Leadership and Impressive Monthly Earnings
  • Comprehensive Training and Guidance
  • Sharing Knowledge and Expertise
  • Passionate About Teaching and Extensive Field Experience

The Lash Artistry - Angel

Professional Lash, Brow, Lips,
and Eyeliner Educator

  • 6 Years Teaching Experience
  • Comprehensive Training for Lash Artists
  • Exceptional Team Leader, Monthly Earnings > 10k
  • Meticulous Attention to Detail, Natural-looking Lashes
  • Passionate Mentor for Future Lash Artists
  • Trendsetter, Innovator in Eyelash Extensions



trophy number 018

Award Winning Recognition

awards from hairtric and lashility academy

International hairdressing Awards Grand winner
(compete with 42 country hairdresser and the only Malaysian hairdresser winner)

5th Assian Hairdresser Festival Excellece Award

Shishedo Professional Beauty Innovator Award 2017

Malaysia Model Festival Award Most Popular Fashion Show
Hair stylist of the year 2012

Shishedo beauty innovator Award 2016 total creation finalist Grand Prix

Loreal style & colour trophy men’s category winner 2019

Goldwell Color Zoom bronze winner

Goldwell Color Zoom silver winner

Loreal colour trophy finalist

Loreal Talent Quest Hairdresser choice award

Goldwell color zoom challenge 2017

Goldwell color zoom challenge 2018

Goldwell color zoom challenge 2019

Loreal Style & Colour Men’s category awards 2019

Loreal Style & Colour Best in central region awards 2019

Loreal color trophy 2012 finalist

Schwarzkopf professional Salon Of The Year hairdresser awards 2018

British Pedia 2020 Successful people in Malaysia ( Low Dick Thim )
include Former PM mahatir / michelle yeoh

British Pedia 2021 Successful people in Malaysia ( Dickson Low )
include Former PM mahatir / michelle yeoh